"All good things are wild and free" 
- Henry David Thoreau

Relying on this famous quote, Abbi has let her work evolve with no rules. Acrylics on canvas, as well as mixed media, combine for one-of-a kind creations that explode with color, vitality, and movement. Primarily abstract in nature, her paintings invite you into an intensely personal experience.. Her work celebrates what many of us take for granted and is often inspired by her own life, by the world around her, by her family and friends, and by everyday events. Not “staying inside the lines” is her way of capturing the beauty around her in a unique and compelling way.

She credits her three young children with opening yet another door for her. They have allowed her, she says, to “re-enter the playful side of life and to be present in the moment each and every day". This joyfulness, spontaneity, and often chaotic scenes that play out in her daily life help define her artistic process. She also draws on her prior experience as an event planner in Washington, DC to infuse an elements into each work. The many facets of her life-as a mother, wife, professional, and time spent in DC and on the eastern shore, are all a part of what is celebrated on each canvas she creates. Abbi would say there is art in everything she does - from creating beautiful dinner parties, to developing a line of popular gift items, to managing a busy household, and staying committed and engaged in her community.

"Follow your bliss" 
- Joseph Campbell

Abbi’s philosophy of art is in parallel to this quote. She believes in the power of beauty to inspire and to heal. She believes art can help us transcend life’s most difficult challenges. Through her art and her vision, she hopes to awaken others to their innate creative possibilities and a richer life. Her own creative gift was fostered by her parents who nurtured her talent at an early age; by art teachers who recognized her gift and taught her to respect it; and by her family and friends, who lovingly encourages her to practice it.

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I - I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference." 
- Robert Frost  

Educated at Dickinson College, Abbi chose a more traditional career path opting to apply her artistic skills in the event planning world. In this fast-paced, all-encompassing career, she beautifully planned and executed events at some of Washington, DC’s finest venues, including the Smithsonian and the Mount Vernon estate. But, the lure of the Eastern Shore was pervasive. It called to her artist soul. Through her own personal losses, she rediscovered her passion for painting and the road to her future.

This transformational journey allowed Abbi to capitalize on the best of her two worlds. Her high-powered career in the big city is still an inspiration balanced by the solace and purpose she found in her new family life on the Eastern Shore. The dormant artist came alive when she re-discovered her roots. Her signature paint-splattered boat shoes reflect her laid back yet focused approach to the development of each piece - unique statement about her road less-traveled and what she believes is the exciting road ahead.