Life Mission & Inspiration

I find my inspiration in the everyday. A color in a sunrise, a word of wisdom remembered, a discovery made by one of my children. These things energize my creative process which begins deep in my soul. I listen to myself and am intuitive about my surroundings. I see beyond the mundane to find the magic in each day.

My inner voice directs the movement of my work.  I am amazed with how paint and materials dance on canvass.  I am dazzled by how different mediums mingle.  I love watching paints blend together and form new connections making the art take on new meanings.  

Painting and working with media for me is an experiment and a true time to connect myself with the world around me.  My work is always evolving and always changing as i am always trying new things. I will never stop learning, growing and evolving. 

I believe that Art provides a break from the daily grind.  By sharing my work i hope it allows people time to stop, to breath, to reflect and to feel of glimpse of a serenity we all should allow ourselves to feel. 

Abstract Realism


Current Collection